NGK Spark plug Iridium

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NGK is the world's leading manufacturer of spark plugs.

The most modern production facilities, large investments in research and development, and strong commitment to racing, from the Formula 1 to the two-wheeled motor sport, makes the NGK spark plug so successful.

The secret of the new Iridium IX spark plugs is the laser welded electrode made of iridium.
Through their 'minimum' diameter of 0.6 mm, it combines the ignition voltage.

The advantages of the Iridium IX spark plug at a glance:

- The optimum ignition characteristics of the Iridium IX spark plugs prevent fouling in stop and go traffic.
- Misfire, or misfire can be prevented. This reduces emissions and saves (if any) the catalyst and the environment.
- The Iridium IX spark plugs back 'round' increase engine running, the driving experience with better acceleration and thus offer more driving fun.
- The Iridium IX spark plug has at least twice as long as a normal spark plug. Frequent change of spark plugs that are 'out'. This in turn reduces costs.
- Maximum ignition reliability, even combustion, optimum engine performance, throttle response are the result of modern technology and reduce fuel consumption.
- The optimized electrode shape reduces the ignition voltage, protects the engine and ensures a 'round' running.

NGK Spark plug Iridium

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€ 17,95

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